Together Wee Grow CDC

Swansea Day Care, Child Development & Education and Pre-school


When you trust Together Wee Grow CDC to take care of your Fairview Heights child, you do so with the confidence of knowing that he or she will be getting the very best of both fun and learning time. You are putting your trust in our qualified and certified daycare providers, in our proven and tested learning programs and, most of all, you are allowing your child the very best environment, second only to home.

We are always more than happy to welcome both parents and children in our Fairview Heights area daycare center for a tour and a feel of our environment. When you visit, you will get the chance to see our daycare providers in action and speak to one of our representatives about our child care programs. We always take the time to answer any question you may have, and your child is welcome to join in any ongoing activities while you are here.

Enrolling your child with Together Wee Grow CDC is easy and simple. We expect that you will have a lot of questions for us, and you should expect the same from us. We will want to know everything about your child, from his or her favorite game to fears and allergies. This information is precious to us, as it allows us to take the very best care of your child while working with him or her in the best possible way according to his or her special needs.

We will also want to schedule a meeting with your child to establish which program will best benefit him or her, according to his or her stage of development. Admission always depends on space – Together Wee Grow CDC will only take as many children as we are confident we can care for and work with.

Tuition will vary based on the program you select for your child, as well as the amount of time he or she is to be in our care. Together Wee Grow CDC strives to offer the most affordable rates in the Fairview Heights area, to better serve our growing community. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information. We will be happy to answer any question you may have, as well as to give you the grand tour of our daycare facility.

Please feel free to contact us or visit our Fairview Heights daycare center for more information.